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Goalkeepers naturally benefit from the increased realism, and penalty kicks, which have been changed significantly to be more accurate, make up a new gameplay addition. You’ll be able to manipulate the trajectory of your penalty kick by controlling how you move into your penalty kick. By moving your right foot at the right moment, you can fake the goalkeeper to go off line and shift his feet as he tries to recover. Moving your left foot slightly at the right moment will create a different effect, allowing you to adapt to the goalkeeper’s movements.

Players who are more familiar with the 11-a-side mode will immediately recognize familiar features that have been tweaked, including passing diagonals that are more accurate, new player collision mechanics, and more realistic movement animations. Players’ abilities have been given more detailed stats, and their will has a greater influence over how they perform and react during a match.

As in previous versions of FIFA, this year’s game features a Squad Screen for managing your squad. In Squad Screen, you can see an updated screen with the goals, the expected results of a specific scenario and progress. By pressing the big Change button at the top right corner of the window, you can easily switch between Players, Tactics and Create-a-Player. The three tabs will reflect the club you are representing.

To help players appreciate the depth of the new features and the added-value of the Squad Screen, we will be showing it in action at E3, along with how Fifa 22 Download With Full Crack will make its debut at the Palais des Congres in Paris.

Kicking Game

Goalkeepers are a critical component to every football match and FIFA 22 is no exception. We’ve been working hard to ensure that the goalkeeper’s matchmaking is completely improved, and to make sure that it’s the most important matchmaking element. This is why we’ve worked with the goalie community to make goalkeepers more challenging, and players familiar with the 11-a-side game mode are likely to enjoy the increased realism. Goalkeepers will react more accurately to goal kicks, and the goalkeeper will take realistic risks to recover the ball. We’ve worked on goalkeeper ranking and made goalkeepers more challenging with several improvements.

When shooting a penalty, you can now move towards the goal. This means that you can now check the goalkeeper and hit a penalty that would otherwise be blocked. With goalkeeper dominance in mind


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Console-specific features including new 4K HDR for beautifully bright console screens and Xbox Elite.
  • New Tackling, Offside and Run and Shoot modes
  • FIFA 22 introduces ‘HyperMotion Technology’, which captures and interprets every movement and action to give FIFA its most immersive gameplay yet
  • Real Player Motion Transfer – Scale, animations, movements and special effects are accurately transferred from player to player, enhancing the realistic feel of football physics
  • Improved crowds and stadium graphics
  • Player Performance Index (PPI) – A unique “player index” allows players to practice and fine tune their individual attributes within the same game. For example, a player may be able to improve the player specific attributes of his direct opponent by scaling his attributes. This is just one example of the potential opportunities created by using the player index
  • Constructor Mode – Build and nurture a brand-new club from the ground up
  • Player behaviours and attributes depend on their age and performance, allowing a more personalized approach to gameplay
  • COACHES – Ask your most trusted colleague to give you some advise, or create a completely customised team
  • Tactics – Manage your tactics to play like the Pro’s that you are. Improve your skills in each mode, group together a winning team, and develop a complete squad.
  • Tactical Observations – Make better, smarter decisions with the power of insight. Choose how long to observe, set tactics, and gain access to plenty of further details. Evaluate your tactics; insights will trigger key messages about how to improve your tactics to make your goals and dreams become a reality


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FIFA (fIcAss Italia) is the leading sports gaming franchise. Electronic Arts Inc. distributes FIFA as both a video game and a sports lifestyle brand. FIFA has received multiple Game of the Year awards and a Guinness World Record for the most copies of a physical game sold in one day.

FIFA is the one and only football game with a player development mode that allows gamers to play as managers and take over their favourite clubs from all over the world.

FIFA is the only football game where players can have “dreams” as they progress, allowing them to play as the superstars of the future, even though they’re still stuck in the youth system.

FIFA is the only football game in the world that can simulate the true feeling and unpredictability of the World Cup. FIFA Ultimate Team lets gamers pick their favourite real-life players and hone their skills to compete in head-to-head online matches.

FIFA Ultimate Team delivers real football players and legendary football clubs, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Bayern Munich and many more.

FIFA is also the most successful football video game franchise of all time, having sold more than 79 million copies worldwide, as of 2013.

Powered by Football™

Powered by Football™ is the most comprehensive, authentic football simulation available today. FIFA has always set the standard for delivering a truly immersive, living and breathing football experience that creates an unrivaled relationship with football fans around the world.

The game engine is the technological core of the game, which helps deliver a different atmosphere and identity to each venue through the game’s distinct matchday atmospheres.

FIFA’s signature signature features are also “Powered by Football”. These features continue to define the experience for millions of fans.

Changes to the game engine include Total Player Control, reduced betting requirements and increased attention to penalty kicks. FIFA also has a sophisticated physics engine that helps FIFA players feel more connected to the game. A more immersive goal system and improved refereeing AI help players feel more connected to the match.

The new FIFA Player Ratings system provides a more nuanced picture of the player than ever before. As each player moves up through the ranks, he receives ratings for a variety of attributes. Players will develop according to their attributes.



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FIFA Ultimate Team sees you take control of a fully customisable squad of real-life and real-life made-up players to compete in hundreds of authentic tournaments across real-world football leagues around the globe. You’ll use players’ attributes, skills, and traits to create the ultimate team and dominate the competition. Play your way, trade freely, manage your squad, experiment with formations and training sessions, or go for a run in real-life training and play a more action-driven version of The Journey.

Legends Mode – Compete in any of the competitions available in the career mode, with real-life made-up teams or from the last 24 FIFA titles, and use all the customisable options, to play like a pro.

Online Seasons Mode – In a ‘pure’ eSports experience, play eight full online seasons in the best competitions in the world, including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, Bundesliga, FA Cup, and MLS. Choose from a selection of playstyle options to take on matchdays as a manager or as a player.

In addition, FIFA ‘22 releases FIFA Ultimate Team content from real-world clubs, including content from Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, and Liverpool, and adds increased control over transfers. New players and items will be added throughout the year, and the FIFA ’22 Ultimate Team Shop will open for the first time.

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Get the latest information about the preparations for FIFA 22 and stay up-to-date with the ongoing news from FIFA ’22. Every week we will notify you of the latest news, publications, and of course special deals.



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What’s new:

  • Passing New passing options have been added, including 2-passes, lobs, extra passes and more controls added for passing sequences.
  • Free kicks Players now have access to new free kick animations to ensure all free kicks are made correctly. Free kicks can be corner or penalty kicks.
  • Paintwork New particle effects, animations and lighting have been implemented to enhance the atmosphere and deliver an immersive experience for players.
  • New Player Attributes Progression has been increased for all Player Attributes across the board.
  • New camera equipment As of FIFA 22, all cameras, first-person camera and goal cameras have been improved.
  • New Conclusion a new dynamic conclusion has been added which provides players with a great opportunity to see and celebrate as the game finishes.


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FIFA is the world’s leading sports video game franchise, set in the beautiful game, where history is made, and where football is played by the world’s best. Inspired by the thrill and beauty of the sport, FIFA offers a wide variety of ways to play and compete in over 350 licensed teams and more than 1,200 official leagues from around the world. Building on the World Class gameplay of FIFA 21, FIFA 22 delivers FIFA in a new way, bringing together the legendary worldwide gameplay, stunning graphics and immersive digital gameplay. On the pitch, you’re now more free to play on instinct and take more calculated risks, and more responsive to new tactical ideas.

Football Day at the Office

In addition to a range of new player attributes and techniques, and a new free-flowing passing game, FIFA 22 introduces Player Intelligence technology to bring you an all-new way of controlling the world’s greatest footballers. Take control of the engine room with a new deeper free-kicking mechanic, deliver a powerful and creative free-kick from any distance, and a variety of new aerials. In Tackling 2.0, the player-run Over-Heading ball control allows you to intercept the ball with any direction of your run, making every tackle or challenge all the more rewarding.

International Friendlies

If you need to rest a player or team for a particular fixture, earn key friendlies for training purposes. Check for friendly matches or league games involving your club and all ranked opponents and see which one has a lower league position than yours. If you are close enough, then you can host a friendly which will give you some game time and limited status advantages. Hosted friendlies feature a variety of gameplay improvements as well, including home advantage, a way to do more with possession, more options for penalties, improved celebrations and more. For the first time ever, FIFA Ultimate Team™ can be managed using in-game manager roles.

Tactics mode

FIFA has evolved over the years, with new features and gameplay adding over 1 million new matches. When you really need to see the bigger picture and learn how to outsmart the opposition, turn to Tactical mode. Packed with all the tactical information, camera angles and assistant tips that will help you to prepare for a game, you’ll take your tactics to the next level.

Pitch shapes

FIFA is the only sports game to


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